Our Story

"A shopper's paradise for authentic African products"

Utamaduni was originally set up as a unique house of crafts to appeal to tourists coming through Langata on their way to visit the game park or on their way back from the giraffe centre and elephant orphanage. Here, Kenya's visitors could shop for exquisite African pieces to take home from the comfort of a relaxed environment. It soon became a popular stop on the Nairobi itinerary for safari operators and tourists from all over the world.

 Utamaduni Shops Africa Crafts

"Nairobi's best kept secret - a treasure trove and retail adventure"

It wasn't long before the city's residents began to learn of this treasure trove hidden by trees in the heart of Langata. An old Kikuyu house filled with Africa's finest craftsmanship from upcycled jackets and silver jewelry to beautiful wooden bowls and intricately designed rugs, excited shoppers discovered a wealth of artefacts, accessories, homeware and more. 18 rooms or 'shops' of fabrics, toys, baskets, beads, soaps and smiles, this truly was Nairobi's best kept secret.

A place where local creativity is celebrated, Utamaduni has always been the point at which vendors, small businesses, entrepreneurs and communities could sell their wares and visitors could browse Africa's colourful crafts in a luxuriously calm and welcoming setting.


Utamaduni Crafts Kenya Nairobi

"Not just a curio shop"

Now is the time to debunk the myth that Utamaduni is just a curio shop. It is a haven for African enterprise and a carnival of style. We welcome you to join a movement in shopping local and supporting those communities that rely on your custom. From handmade candles to leather handbags, browse our gorgeous collection of goodies in Langata or indulge in some 'feel-good' shopping online - we've got something for all tastes and every desire.